Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier Ranger Green

Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier Ranger Green

Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier Ranger Green

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Cummerbund, Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier Ranger green
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AUTHORITIES ADVANCED PLATE CARRIER is the best choice for professional who wants top quality and excellent usability. This plate carrier is the most comfortable and has the best usability that has ever seen in plate carriers for standard ballistic SAPI (The Small Arms Protective Insert) and ESAPI (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts) plates.

Ballistic protection when needed

AUTHORITIES ADVANCED PLATE CARRIER has ready-to-use pockets for ballistic plates. SAPI and ESAPI plates (front and back) and side panels of any standard size can be placed in lightning-fast into the plate carrier in their own pockets. The Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier is compatible with ALL ballistic standard 10” x 12” (25 x 30cm) ballistic plates and 6” x 6” (15 x 15 cm) side plates from level NIJ IIIA soft plates (Effective against .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose (FN) bullets and .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets) to level NIJ IV Standalone plates (Effective against .30cal armour piercing bullets).

Ballistic plates can be quickly added / removed without removing the plate carrier (with the back plate, of course, the wearer will need the help of a team member).

Designed for long-term use and optimized comfort

AUTHORITIES ADVANCED PLATE CARRIER is light to carry and protect you against overheating. The Authorities Plate Carrier has been made out with top quality materials and weight is only 1150 g (without ballistic plates and extra pouches) that is up to 50% less than traditional plate carriers. The light weight is an important factor when wearing the plate carrier for long periods of time. The entire inside of the Authorities Plate Carrier is lined with exceptionally smooth and high quality 3D spacer material that reduces overheating. The Authorities Plate Carrier is compatible with TacVent Air flow panels. By adding air flow panels, it is possible to wear Authorities Plate Carrier for long periods of time even in the hottest environments.

Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier introduces the most comfortable shoulder pads ever. These pads have extra thick padding and unique softshell materials. These pads will never scratch your neck and are crucial when wearing a plate carrier for long periods of time. The pads are equipped with buckles that allow the pressure of the weapon straps to be directed away from the neck. "No pull, No Burn". The straps are easily fastened with the Velcro One-Wrap strips (included in the product package). Extra one-wraps are also available as accessories.

To ensure comfort in everyday use, the Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier is equipped with genuine 2M ROC quick release buckles. The buckles on both sides ensure that the plate carrier is extremely easy, fast and silent to put on and take off with either hand. The plate carrier also has velcros for adjustments and fastenings, but you don't need to tear those in every turn.
All these features together distribute the weight of the plate carrier very well and eliminate common plate carrier pressure points.

Authorities Advanced Plate carrier is equipped with an emergency release system. By pulling on the emergency puller, all parts of the plate carrier are immediately detached from each other and the vest is unloaded from its wearer. By default, the puller is mounted on the left side. The placement can be easily switched depending on the user's preferences. The system is extremely easy to reassemble and using it will not damage the structure of the plate carrier in any way. If necessary, the user can also, of course, deactivate the emergency unloading system so that the puller does not unload the vest. Emergency release can be performed with either hand regardless of which side the puller is placed on. Emergency unloading also allows for a gentle and quick way to unload plate carrier from an injured person in an emergency situation.

Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier has a strong Evacuation Handle that can withstand the rapid and rough pulling when necessary. The evacuation handle is visible, so it does not need to be hunted in an emergency situation. The evacuation handle is flattened and attached to the velcro surface of the back plate.
Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier takes into account the best possible usability of a personal weapon. The shoulder pads are designed so that the stern of the weapon will be tucked firmly into the shoulder pit and locked tightly. No buckles, fasteners or other distractions have been placed in the crucial support point. Everything unnecessary has been removed from the top center of the chest part of also so that the stern of the gun can also be supported firmly in the middle of the chest.

Self-identification tags can be attached on Velcro surfaces on the chest and upper back.

The structure of the Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier makes sure that it has as few elements as possible that can get caught on something and interfere with the user's focus on the task.

Sizing with huge adjustment range

The Advanced Plate Carrier is available in two sizes. Regular or Large. Size only affects circumference. When measuring the circumference, take into account the height at which you are using the Plate Carrier and measure the circumference at the chest / abdomen accordingly. Also consider the thickness of the ballistic elements, air circulation panels, or other additional panels you use when measuring the correct size. All the ballistic plates, air flow panels and other panels you place on the plate carrier increase the need for circumference.

Circumference Regular: 90-120 cm | 35”-47”
Circumference Large: 105-135 cm | 41”-53”

Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier cummerbunds are elastic and durable. The patented unique Webforce structure reinforces the elastic parts. Webforce allows 5 cm stretch on both sides, so the total elasticity of the waist is 10 cm. When Webforce is activated and webbing takes burden of elastic parts it will enable true evacuation capability using evacuation handle.

The minimum dimension (min) means that the elastic Webforce elements of the side are slightly activated and the weight is distributed off the shoulders.

The maximum dimension (max) means  that the Webforce elements are almost in their extreme position (with some elasticity left).

The outer surface of the cummerbund is covered with a comfortable softshell material. The softshell material protects skin of the inner arms when operating in warm conditions with short-sleeved shirts. The length of the cummerbund can be adjusted under the back part. In addition, there is a separate traditional quick-adjust Velcro surface under the front flap. This allows you to immediately fine-tune the waist circumference by a few centimetres, for example when adding / removing layers of clothing.

Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier's shoulder length adjustment range  is exceptionally large: 16 cm | 6.3”. The purpose is to provide the extensive adjustment range to the users. All adjustments of the Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier fitting are easily made under the back cover. Clear and easy length and width adjustment is implemented in an innovative way.

Customize with pouches

AUTHORITIES ADVANCED PLATE CARRIER is full of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Loadbearing Equipment) / PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) cuts. Both vertically and horizontally. MOLLE cuts allows you to attach pouches, holsters and many other pieces of gear quickly and easily. Unique square cuts between MOLLE cuts also enable easy and popular cable tie securing for the most important pouches.

The front panel is attached with G-hooks. G hooks are stocked to prevent metal clang and unwanted reflection. The removable front panel is equipped with three (3) rifle magazine pouches (compatible example with AR, AK and G36 magazines). Each pouch is self-tightening and additionally equipped with a removable elastic strap. In addition, MOLLE cuts have been made on the surface of the magazine pouches. These MOLLE cuts wearer can attach example magazine pouches of a pistol or submachine gun, if necessary. The front panels are also sold as accessories.

Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier can be customized with Authorities PRO pouches or with other MOLLE / PALS attached equipment.

Quality like no other

Every detail of the Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier is designed usability and comfort in mind. Top professionals from the military and police participated in the development of this product. These professionals tested development versions many times and gave feedback to further develop the product. Thanks to their effort and brutal honesty we can now offer the best possible plate carrier for professional users.

Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier is made of the best materials available. Double laminated IR-protected Cordura, very smooth 3D spacer, extra soft loop Velcro, softshell, elastic loops, 2M ROC quick release buckles etc. Finally, the top of the line Authorities Advanced Plate Carriers are obtained thanks to qualified seamstresses. Our own production facility and highly skilled seamstresses provide the ultimate quality guarantee for the product.

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Authorities Advanced Plate Carrier
Authorities tactical One-Wrap Velcro-Strips (4 pcs)
Authorities 3D Patch

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