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Again, a unique Authorities Gear product innovation!

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Authorities Bodyguard Bands (5pcs)

Again, a unique Authorities Gear product innovation!

Bodyguard Bands belt fasteners help you carry the equipment better and smarter on undercover missions! No more equipment-specific holders and pouches that bulge on your waist, but incredibly multi-purpose and slick belt fasteners for carrying almost any equipment on the belt!

With the Bodyguard Bands , you will load your belt with:

Tetra Terminals

UHF/VHF hand radios

Mobile phones

Cut protection gloves

Telescopic batons

Tear gas canisters

Pistol magazines



And not just carry! Using any of these items out from the band is extremely fast! Bands will also follow your body movement maximising comfort. Because everything is on your belt sideways you will be able to most efficiently conceal your equipment when undercover missions demands it.

Bodyguard Bands works all belts regardless of the width and material of the belt (up to 2,1" or 55 mm)!

If you really want to get most out of your Bodyguard Bands then use these with the professional belts with soft Velcro surface against the body, such as the Authorities Cobra Belt, the Authorities Smart Belt, the Authorities Crew Belt or other high-quality rigger belts or duty belts.

The package includes 5 loops

2 small loops (for example telescopic batons, pistol magazines)

2 medium loops ( for example tear gas canisters, bigger flashlights)

1 big loop (For example UHF/ VHF radio, smart phones etc.)

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