Authorities PRO Big Equipment Pouch Hi-Viz Yellow

Authorities PRO Big Equipment Pouch Hi-Viz Yellow

Authorities PRO Big Equipment Pouch Hi-Viz Yellow

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Authorities PRO holders are designed for the most demanding professional use!

The Authorities PRO holders are very well suited for police and military use as well as the most demanding work tasks in the security industry. The Authorities PRO holders are designed for versatile and varied work tasks and are designed according the feedback received from professional users. The holders are made of the best possible materials and manufactured following the high-quality standards.

The equipment pouch is designed especially to be used as a large accessory pocket in the Authorities Hi-Viz tactical and equipment vest. But thanks, the ingenious design the pouch is removable and can be used where you need it! The pouch is attached to a Velcro plate and you can remove the pouch from the plate whenever needed. The Velcro plate is attached with MOLLE to the Vest. Now you can choose if you like to use the Vest with BIG EQUIPMENT POUCH or with MEDIC POUCH or without pouch depending your mission.

The Authorities Pro Hi-Viz Equipment pouch main pocket has a strong zipper that allows safe and easy use even in stressful situations. The smaller pocket flap is equipped with an extra tab that ensures the usability of the holder, also when wearing gloves in hand. The usability of the holder is exceptionally good even when wearing winter gloves.

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