Authorities PRO expandable baton holder ROTATING Black

Authorities PRO expandable baton holder ROTATING Black

Authorities PRO expandable baton holder ROTATING Black

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Authorities PRO holders are designed for the most demanding professional use!
The Authorities PRO holders are very well suited for police and military use as well as the most demanding work tasks in the security industry. The Authorities PRO holders are designed for versatile and varied work tasks and are designed according the feedback received from professional users. The holders are made of the best possible materials and manufactured following the high-quality standards.

The Authorities PRO expandable baton holder is suitable for use with 21" long expandable batons by almost all manufacturers. The holder is designed so that it can also be efficiently used with the expandable baton fitted with Super-Grip handle (for example, ESP).

The Authorities Pro holder housing has a strongly stiffened flap that allows safe and easy use even in stressful situations. The flap is equipped with an extra tab that ensures the usability of the holder, also when wearing gloves in hand. The usability of the holder is exceptionally good even when wearing winter gloves. The flap has BOTH a push button and Velcro mount! The push button ensures a firm, non-wearing attachment and the Velcro allows the flap to attach quickly when encased.

In the bottom of the Authorities PRO holder, are openings that will prevent any water or moisture remaining in the holder and damaging the expandable baton. Thanks to the bottom openings, the expandable baton can also be holstered when the baton is in its full length. The Authorities PRO expandable baton holder is suited to both, right and left-handed carriers.

The Authorities Rotating Holder System is developed for modern users! The angle of the holder can be switched quickly without removing the holder. Without any separate tools it can be adjusted in 8 different positions according to the user’s needs. Perfect for police and all other authorities who need to switch between car and on foot! The mechanism is lightweight, robust and meets the requirements for official use.

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