Authorities PRO-MOLLE DOUBLE Hand Cuff Pouch Coyote Tan

Authorities PRO-MOLLE DOUBLE Hand Cuff Pouch Coyote Tan

Authorities PRO-MOLLE DOUBLE Hand Cuff Pouch Coyote Tan

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Authorities PRO-MOLLE DOUBLE Handcuff Case Coyote Tan

The Authorities PRO handcuff cases are very well suited for police and military use as well as the most demanding work tasks in the security industry. Cases are designed for versatile and varied work tasks and are designed according the feedback received from professional users. The cases are made of the best possible materials and manufactured following the high-quality standards.

The Authorities PRO double handcuff case is suitable for use with all chain handcuffs and hinged handcuffs regardless of the manufacturer. The cases have self-tensioning elastic material on the sides so all handcuffs sit firmly in the case. Case has a strongly stiffened flap that allows safe and easy use even in stressful situations.

The flap is equipped with a puller ensures the usability of the holder, also when wearing gloves in hand. The usability is exceptionally good also when wearing winter gloves. The flap has wide the Velcro closure that allows secure and easy closure.

Authorities PRO handcuff case is built with open construction preveinting any water or moisture remaining in the case and damaging the handcuff. The Authorities PRO handcuff case is suited to both, right and left-handed users.

The Authorities PRO case can be attached to equipment belts, plate carriers, equipment vests and tactical vests. 

The Authorities PRO case  attaches to the Authorities Equipment and Tactical Vest with the original MOLLE attachment system. The attachment is the best possible and found to be the most durable in military use. The Authorities PRO handcuff cases can also be attached to any MOLLE / PALS compatible platform.

Authorities PRO handcuff case can also be attached upside down to Authorities Equipment and Tactical Vest.

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