Slik Clip-hook Ranger Green NIR

Slik Clip-hook Ranger Green NIR

Slik Clip-hook Ranger Green NIR

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Slik Clip-hook for versatile use for 25mm tapes

These Slik Clip-hooka are perfect for customizing and arranging existing gear.

Whether it's adding a pocket to your belt or shortening the straps, here's the answer.

The perfect solution for quick repair and connection of equipment.

The strongest NIR (near-infrared = near-infrared radiation) protected frost-resistant acetal for arctic year-round use.

Acetal's absolute strengths are stiffness, low friction, excellent wear resistance and good impact resistance even at low temperatures:

Military Grade Acetal (POM)

  • Rigid, unfilled technical plastics
  • The mechanical properties remain almost unchanged in the temperature range -40… +80C
  • Good fatigue strength
  • Good creep duration
  • Does not absorb moisture, dimensionally stable
  • Good resistance to fuels and solvents

Compatible for 25mm tapes

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